The rabbit roundup


If you’ve ever had a garden, can you remember how angry you got if some bugs or critters got in and wrecked all your hard work? For Midwestern farmers, the rabbit was public enemy #1. Once a year, townsmen and farmers would unite for a “rabbit roundup.” Fanning out across the surrounding fields with their dogs, they flushed out the rabbits and finished them off!

These photographs record some successful moments in “rabbit roundup” history.


Lislo Varr or Van

The whole CHeese, Fayette, Ohio

They had 2 campfires of 30 men each.
Each went Rabbit hunting North & South of ___ as other ___ number killed 3 weeks before that they went out killed 1360

From Harry Pierce
Lamar, Nebr.

359 Rabbits in 5 hours
with 10 guns. There is some sport here at times.
I hope you will come out some time