Pike & Muskie #08

Please note that this message does not come as part of this product. The print includes only the photographic image from the front of the postcard.

Beatrice how would you like to pull one out of Lake Koronis like this, it was even in John's fish house by Aron Nebrings boy he is nearly as tall as John. The fish is a little over three feet long and weighed twenty pounds. and a few days later there was another one caught in the same neighborhood that weighed twenty four pounds. I hope you will pull one out next summer like this. John hasn't had any fishing this winter. I hope that won't happen again, he had to work right along except being in St. Cloud for a week. Snow is beginning to go and I think Spring is not far of. I am glad to see warm weather come,

Aunt Minnie

Pike & Muskie #08

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